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    The PM Code system allows the data to not only utilize the traditional flat, 2-D system that uses the X and Y axis, but adds the possibility of a layered, vertical Z axis of data. Thus it is called a 3-D code.

    High specification Android devices : XPERIA(SONY), GALAXY(SAMSUNG), etc
    OS :Android OS 4.1 ~

    Support site have a sample PMCode.

    Directions for Using the PM Code Reader.
    1. Hold the phone firmly with two hands
    2. Place the camera so that the PM Code is located within the box outlined in red
    3. Be careful not to distort the PM Code. If an error occurs, a shadow on the PM Code could be the cause.
    4. It is often effective to place the PM Code on a wall to read with the camera
    5. Please be careful not to move or shake the camera when capturing an image of the PM Code

    (Augmented Reality : AR & MIDI)
    a. If you reading a image data in the PM Code
    b. Please tap the AR button
    c. To recognize the PM Code
    d. The image is then displayed Augmented Reality on the PM Code
    e. Back button tap to clear the image data

    We have the patent of 3D code & Color code.
    The patent of Japan. No. JP 4761400
    The patent of Japan. No. JP 5103542
    The patent of Europe. No. EP 1916619
    The patent of U.S No. 8,511,562

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