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    Need to know the location of a family member or loved one for safety reasons? Want to keep tabs on how fast your teenager is driving? Worried about an elderly loved one falling? Want a way to alert family members or friends if you are suddenly in a dangerous or uncomfortable situation? pMonitor can do all these things and more.

    pMonitor is a comprehensive application for monitoring personal safety and providing alerts when an awkward or potentially dangerous situation occurs. It can be used as family locator, or used to supervise attendance compliance by monitoring movement to and from specific locations.

    The areas of monitoring include Fall Detection, Panic Alert and Location Monitoring. Here’s the scoop on each of these great features.


    pMonitor provides for Family Tracker or GPS Tracking functionality through SMS notifications.

    It provides a variety of notifications; unlike other location trackers that depend on continuous review of locations of everyone from time to time through an app or web site. The advantage of the pMonitor is that you get specific alerts on events that matters to you instantly, without having to interrogate through an app.

    You could be notified when a child leaves a safe location like home, or an Alzheimer patient wonders away from a facility; and continuously track the individual thereafter, based on time interval or distance traveled setting. Other events like arrival at school or over-speeding could be tracked. These features have proven invaluable both for parents and for institutions; rather than actively monitoring multiple individuals, they would simply respond to specific events.

    A security and privacy advantage is that location data are never sent to third parties, only shared amongst the configured devices.

    pMonitor also provides for logging of location events into the device, which could be reviewed periodically or exported to spread sheets for analysis. This opens up many possible uses, for example, traveling or itinerant professionals could use the log to record arrivals and departures from client or customer sites; for manifest for billing, route compliance, expense accounts, gas mileage reimbursements, etc. Consultants could use the arrival and departure records as support for time-sheet.


    Whenever there is a medical emergency, or dangerous situation, an early alert could be life saving. pMonitor provides a means of issuing SMS alerts to predesignated contacts, indicating the sender and place of alert, so that prompt help could be arranged. The panic button is prominently located on the user-friendly interface. Panic alerts could also be triggered with hand gestures while holding the phone device.


    A high percentage of medical issues faced by senior citizens occur from falling. pMonitor can be a senior’s lifeline to prompt communication directly with family or a caretaker for early emergency help. pMonitor’s fall detection is based on the phone’s in-built tri-axial accelerometer, gyroscope, as well as the GPS facility to locate the person. This detector is configurable to accommodate different weights and agility levels.


    pMonitor allows setting up a supervisor, like parents or guardians, who could lock the configuration and log records. All configurations and log records could not be edited or cleared, without the supervisor.

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