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    Published: 2013-09-10, by Ana Gracia.

    Buy, sell and trade with this social commercial network

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    "My stuff, your stuff"

    PONTEFY is a social commercial application which allows users to buy, sell and trade products in a very easy way.

    First of all, you should register with your mail account and begin creating your own inventory. You can chat with other users about their interests and use GPS to locate others that are close to you. Search for the items you wish to have and find the ones that are closest.

    There are several categories to choose from: games, movies, books and several others.

    Touchstone Technologies LLC is the developer of Pontefy, an application which is well-thought and can be really helpful for people wanting to sell their stuff. However, we would enhance its user interface.

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    by Anna , Appszoom

    Sep 10, 2013


    Better than Craigslist, GameStop, eBay Local and Amazon Trade-In.

    PONTEFY is a free mobile app that makes mobile commerce easier than ever. The application allows mobile customer/seller to buy, sell and trade product in real time in their neighborhood.

    What sets PONTEFY apart is the Anonymity, Chat without even sharing own contact information, get instant notification and many other functionalities like barcode scanning or adding item just by typing item name and PONTEFY will fill rest of the details for you including images of the item. Now, that is Cool!

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    5 STARS! - "Cool Concept – Makes ecommerce easy."
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    • Chat in real time is easy with via the notification center, which alerts PONTEFY users to messages as they arrive without any wait. No need to share your phone number or email address.

    • Utilize GPS technology to instantly update your location and uses complex search algorithm to locate PONTEFY users with your new location closest to you to start discussion. PONTEFY will not share your location with other users, someone you don’t know.

    • Search for the items by distance, price, condition and even check out how many users have the desired item in required distance.

    • Create and store your own inventory listing in two ways: by scanning the barcode of what you want to sell or just by typing item name or keywords and PONTEFY will fill rest of the details for you.

    • View each other’s item to trade for and start instant discussion, all while maintaining complete anonymity with advantage of changing your anonymous client ID instantly from your handset if required.

    • Get Alerts and Suggestion from PONTEFY if new user joins the PONTEFY in your neighborhood.

    • Share your experience with PONTEFY with your friends through Facebook post and Twitter tweets.

    • Choose from games, books, movies and dozens of other categories to find gazillion of items.

    • Predictive text-messaging allows for faster transactions and finding items you want to shop.

    • PONTEFY archives all your communications and transactions in well-organized manner

    • Watch list – Separately maintains list of items you communicated with users to purchase-trade and sell-trade for and restart communication with associated user instantly.

    All from the convenience of your smartphone.

    In comparison to the other apps, PONTEFY is best app available in the app store. With availability of all the best features right at your fingertips.

    By bringing a social competent to the marketplace, PONTEFY is the next step forward in mobile commerce.

    We want to make PONTEFY better. So, please send us feedback and suggestions on how to make your experience better.


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