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    Astrology application developed on the 5000 years old proven calculations that allows man to find good and auspicious hours and bad hours of any day. These timings will help you decide to pick for right activity to be started in that timings for good results. This astrological hours are tried by many and found very useful in day to day life.

    In this world of duality where everything also exists in its opposite form for example Good - Bad, Hot - Cold, Up - Down, God - Devil, Positive energy - negative energy. Same thing is true for the time and hours of the day that passes by.
    There are positive hours and negative hours that comes every day. 5000 years ago in India few methods were derived to find the positive and negative hours of the day based on planetary motion, longitude - latitude, Sunrise and Sunset. For more details on this one can study the Hora Astrology.
    These timings are different for different places on different days. With the aid of GPS we have developed a mobile application that calculated these timings for a given date and location.
    Anything that is started in the auspicious timings tends to have positivity associated with it and thus ends into positive results. Things that are initiated in negative hours tend to become slow and have negative effects associated with it.
    Please try to observe that in the positive hours if you try to do something you will see the results coming in your favor.
    For instance you are going for a long journey, this app will suggest you good time to start your journey for that day, similarly if you are going to purchase your dream home then one can find the auspicious time to enter into the house. There are many more options available in this app e.g. signing a deal, Starting new Venture etc.
    All these timings are derived based on the location, date, day, sunrise sunset and the Planet that rules the tasks.

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