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    This is a new and functional app which provides a notepad that can let you keep a diary, write your feeling and take notes. Therefore, it is called powerful Note Book.

    Now let me tell you its main functions in a detailed way.

    1. First and the most important point is that it is rather safe because there is a password system. You would not like others to read your diaries or notes, right? Thus, the password is very useful. And its form is not letters or number. There are nine points which should be connected by your hand to create a password.

    2. You can keep a new diary, but I suggest that you had better to add new types before you really keep a diary, so you can manage your diaries conveniently.

    3. When you write a diary, don’t forget the time, rate and save it. The design of this diary is very useful and practical.

    4. You feeling is very important. Sometimes you have special feeling that you may not want to tell others, so you can write it in this app. It will keep secrete.

    5. Taking notes is always better than good memory. When you talk about with someone, you may need to take notes. If you have no pen and notepad, it is terrible. But if you have this app in your mobile phone, you can take notes on your mobile phone.

    6. This has the function that let you check the history of your diaries, notes and feeling. It can help you remember many things.

    7. If you think that the password is known by others, you can reset the password.

    This is a good notepad for android. Keeping a diary is a good habit and it can help you remember many important things. Feeling is mysterious, when you have a special feeling but you don’t take it down in time, then you may can’t remember it later.

    You need a notepad which can be taken with you any time and any place. This app can become your mobile phone into such a notepad. It is convenient and practical to take.

    I have used free notepad app to keep a diary, but I didn’t satisfy it. My personal diary in a way is not safe. A good notepad app is not easy to find on the internet. You must want to get a best notepad on your mobile phone, then Powerful Note Book is what you want to get. It provides diary, feeling, and notes functions to you. Such a functional notepad is not easy to find. You can download it and have a try. I believe that it will not let you down.

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