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    Private Diary is a diary which is used on mobile phone. If you have this app, you can keep a diary everywhere and whenever.

    Let me introduce its main features to you.

    1. Before you write down something, I recommend that you should add new types to your diary. If you do this, you can manage your diaries easily late.

    2. Write a new diary as you like. Don’t forget to make a name and choose the time of your diary. This is a good design that you can know when you write this diary.

    3. A calendar is provided for you to know the date, it is convenient. It has another function. When you click one date of the calendar, you can check the diaries on that day.

    3. I must remind you that there is no password of this notebook. Thus, you should be careful about your diaries.

    Private Diary is a simple and brief. It not only can be used as a diary, but also can be use as a notebook. You can use it to take notes when you have no pen and paper.

    You may tell me that there are many free diary app on the interne. Yes, I know them, such as food diary app, fish diary app, diet diary app, travel diary app for android and so on. But some of them only let you do one thing; some of them is not simple. You must want a simple and easy one, and then Private Diary is your best choice.

    You can imagine that when you want to keep a diary, but you don’t have a pen. If your mobile phone has this function, you can do it as long as you like. A note book is not convenient to take; in addition, when you take notes, you need a desk. How trouble it is. This android diary app can reduce this trouble. You have no reason undownloading this app.

    A sleep diary, in fact, is a record of an individual's sleeping and waking times with related information, generally over a period of several weeks. It is self-reported or may be recorded by a care-giver.

    The sleep diary, or sleep log, is a means applied by doctors and patients. It is a useful resource in the diagnosis and treatment of circadian rhythm sleep disorders, and in monitoring whether treatment of those and other sleep disorders is useful.

    Sleep diaries can be applied in conjunction with actigraphy.

    Apart from being a useful tool for medical professionals in the diagnosis of sleep problems, a sleep diary could help make persona more aware of the parameters affecting their sleep. This data alone could let people self-diagnose what helps them get a good sleep.

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