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    Profilogy is a full-feature self-awareness tool and a helpful approach to your own personal development.

    Profilogy has several common origins with numerology. The fundamental difference is its unique modelling process, which is 100% structures and international.

    Indeed, it is a high-level human science at the origin (even the de-mystification) of:

    • self-teaching
    • heart intelligence and its 5 families
    • superior intelligence and its 7 sub-families
    • traditional western Latin numerology
    • personal year and additional data

    It also includes the diagram and symbol of intelligence (only in PDF format)

    The profilology tool is divided into 2 parts:

    1) The 9 domains (5 separate analyses)

    1. Structures
    2. Family - Work
    3. Personal Projects - Movements
    4. Harmony -Feeling
    5. Selflessness - Foreign countries

    Content analysis (1): represents the basis of your internal construction

    Form analysis (2 to 5): represents your way of being:

    2) Supplementary information

    • life line, character line, personal year*
    • heart intelligence and superior intelligence
    *calculations specific to Profilology only.

    And other functions:

    • Archive
    • Profile reading in six languages
    • Conversion of analyses in PDF format (with anonymous function by default)
    • your daily trends (simple star layout)

    The tablet version enables you to build a maximum of 4 profiles simultaneously.

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