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    The hypnosis session on this app is by ARIA record award winning hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood. It is designed to remove the fear of public speaking and any related panic attacks by using powerful hypnotic techniques. It will do this by overriding the fear and replacing it with a more confident mindset next time you have to speak in public. This is all implemented subconsciously as the recording works while you sleep. It will embed positive messages into your deeper mind that will make it easier for you not to worry or stress when you have to speak in front of a group of people. Better still, this will happen automatically without really have to think twice about it.
    Enjoy the world's most effective hypnosis directly on your phone or mobile device in complete privacy and comfort whenever and wherever you like.

    About the Hypnosis Audio Program

    This App contains a 55 minute guided personal hypnotherapy session by Rick Collingwood. It will help you to:
    • Become more confident when speak in front of a crowd
    • Help enhance your communication abilities
    • Speak clearly, concise and with confidence in your delivery
    • Remove the 'I can't' mentality and replace it with 'I can'
    This program is also useful if you have trouble in general speaking up and getting your point across. It will give you the confidence and ability to always say what you need to say and get your message heard by the people who need to hear it.

    Audio Format

    Contained on this recording is a unique audio formula for maximum results:
    • Clinical spoken hypnotherapy
    • Neurosonic Frequencies to assist deep trance
    • Positive subliminal messages
    These patented frequencies have been scientifically proven through the use of an EEG machine, to help you reach a deep theta trance for the program to work more effectively.


    Simply listen to this audio program nightly/daily for 6 nights/days a week, for 8 weeks straight. If you fall asleep using the hypnosis session that is fine as your subconscious mind is still receptive to the audio. Listen to track one which contains the instructions until you remember them in full. After that it is fine to just skip to track 2 which is the actual hypnosis session.

    It is fine to use to 3 different hypnosis titles within this 8 week period. If you want to use multiple titles just alternate between each title equally. It is also fine to use this app/s more then once in a day or to even leave it on repeat of a night time. In many cases this has helped fast track the results people experience. Do not be concerned if you do not immediately experience results, sometimes it does take time to make changes. Just make sure you give it a good go for 8 weeks.

    * Suitable for children and adults 8 years +

    What others are saying:

    Throughout my whole life I had always avoided speaking before a group of people. I would get panic attacks and become quite ill at the mere thought of it. Upon receiving the new Public Speaking CD I played it immediately. After only two days and three listening sessions I attended my first Toastmasters (public speaking group). I was amazed at the confidence I had. There was no sign of any nervousness or self consciousness. I volunteered to get up and speak in front of the group and felt perfectly comfortable. I will continue to play the CD as instructed for a month, twice daily followed by regular top-ups. Thank you for creating this life changing material. K.Martini, Brisbane, Australia

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