Purpose Passion and Prosperity




    Finding Your Passion, Purpose and Prosperity?

    Purpose, passion and prosperity are gifts you already have been given!

    Perhaps no one believed in you enough to set alight the wood that needs no fire.

    There is a great phrase in the Bible that says, “Where your heart is, there will be your treasure.”

    This is a pointer to the word purpose.

    Prosperity is a state of heart and mind and not a measure of your bank balance.

    Your bank balance can go but the state of your heart and mind does not depend on this
    unless you make yourself dependent upon it.

    There are a number of factors which contribute to the lack of passion in your life.

    The three most common are:

    1. The way you were raised.
    2. How you feel about yourself.
    3. The importance you place on your personal joy and fulfillment.

    The day you run out of excuses is the day your life changes..

    Finding Your Passion Unlocks Prosperity

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