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    All Praise is due to Allah(Swt) and much peace and many blessings be upon the Messenger of Allah (Muhammad(pbuh)), his family, his companions, his followers and those who disseminate his call until the Day of Judgment.

    Quran Stories for Muslims & Non-muslims is a collection of stories compiled from the Holy Quran. The following stories are included:

    1. The Story of Habil and Qabil (Able and Cain)
    2. Harut and Marut
    3. Dwellers of the Town
    4. Story of the Heifer
    5. Moses and AI-Khadir
    6. The Story of Qarun(Korah)
    7. Bilqis(Queen of Sheba)
    8. The Story of Saba'(Sheba)
    9. Uzair(Ezra)
    10. Dhul Qarnain
    11. Gog and Magog
    12. People of the Cave
    13. The Believer & The Disbeliever
    14. People of the Garden
    15. The Sabbath-Breakers
    16. Story of Luqman
    17. People of the Ditch
    18. Barsisa the Worshipper (The Renegade)
    19. Owners of the Elephant

    The stories are based on the work by Ibn Kathir. Ibn Kathir was renowned for his great memory regarding the sayings of Muhammad(pbuh) and the entire Qur'an. Ibn Kathir is known as a qadi, a master scholar of history, also a muhaddith and a mufassir (Qur'an commentator).

    Ibn Kathir wrote a famous commentary on the Qur'an named Tafsir al-Qur'an al-'Adhim which linked certain Hadith, or sayings of Muhammad, and sayings of the sahaba to verses of the Qur'an, in explanation. Tafsir Ibn Kathir is famous all over the Muslim world and among Muslims in the Western world, is one of the most widely used explanations of the Qu'ran today.

    The stories are very inspirational and perfect for Bedtime or Leisure reading!

    App Features:
    * 19 Quranic Stories
    * Easy Browsing of Stories
    * Includes Videos of stories
    * Share Story via copy and pasting. (may vary on device)

    *Requires Internet Connection on first time use, then can be used OFfline mode.

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