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    Do you feel low? Or are you high? Whichever the feel may be-the reason always lies in your vibrations. Every object is made of energy which inturn vibrates at a particular level. This implies matter has vibrations. So we human beings also have our own vibrations- high or low. The higher your vibrational level is the happier you will be. If you vibrate at a lower level, the likes of anger and sadness will sweep over you.

    How does one raise or lower vibrations? Most of the time it is unconsciously that we raise or lower our vibrations. Fear, hatred, jealously, selfishness, anger, irritation, criticism etc. pull down one's vibrations. The more of these emotions and reactions the more lower one vibrates. Love, trust, compassion, goodwill, selflessness, letting go, cheerfulness, acceptance, etc raises one's vibrations. These are simple things that one can do to keep the vibration high

    The app raise your vibrations is developed in order to take the knowledge and few easy ways of raising one's vibrations.Practice the mentioned tips in daily life to raise your vibrations and get access to all that is positive and enhancing present in the universe.
    More to follow soon.
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