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    RaiseMore is an event-day platform that helps non-profits enhance their event and empower their participants when it matters most. Giving each participant the ability to share their event progress, spread awareness about the event and cause, and amplify donation opportunities to every participants' social channels. RaiseMore turns events into an interactive platform that connects the cause's advocates with thousands and even millions of people in their personal networks. Our technology helps organizations raise critical donations for their cause and share their story to a worldwide audience in real-time.

    RaiseMore is new to the market, filling the gap that exists today between organizations and their dedicated supporters.

    1) The Participant: Tell your friends and family about the cause you support

    **Support Your Cause

    - Find the cause or organization that aligns with your values to help them bring awareness and donations to the experience.

    ** Share Your Experience

    - Share your progress of the event to the world with a status update and pictures as you continue your journey

    2) The Supporter: Give your friends the support they need on event day.

    **Visualize the Event

    - Rather than relying on memory, add pictures to the album of each event you support.

    **Track Their Progress

    - Get live updates where your friends or family are on their journey. You will see pics of the path they’ve taken.

    3) The Organization: Raise more awareness, donations and experience with more social participants and supporters.

    **Social Broadcast Your Event

    - Allow your participants & supporters to share their journey of your event through pictures and an interactive map to socially generate more awareness and donations

    **Analytics For Your Event

    - Track your event progress through an aggregate of pictures, event day donations, social interactions, location sharing and much more.

    Download RaiseMore to empower your event today!

    -The RaiseMore Team

    The RaiseMore application requires background GPS while tracking you during your event. Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life.