The application gives control of any room, whether it be lighting or curtain/blind control. Access to all available rooms, scenes and channels, all of which can be named for easy identification.

    The App can be used with existing wireless systems, the new wired network or combined systems. No configuration by the user is required, all information is stored within the Rako ethernet bridge

    System requirements:

    To allow the Android device to communicate with the network a Rako RA/RTC Bridge (for use with wireless-only systems) or WA/WTC Bridge (for wired or hybrid wireless systems) needs to be installed along with a wireless router for the Wi-Fi link with the Android device. The Bridge needs to be uploaded with the Rasoft Pro programming file of the project. The file can either be an existing project file, if available, or created using the Rasoft programming software (included) which requires a PC or Mac.

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