Ranger Pro Kids Web Browser




    Ranger Pro Safe Browser - Customizable Parental Controls and Safe Internet Filter

    Ranger Pro Safe Browser is a fully customizable Safe Browser designed specially for the android.

    Parents and employers are able to access the browsing history and customize the Internet filter settings from anywhere in the World. In addition, Ranger Pro Safe Browser allows you to limit Internet access to the times you determine.

    The filtering system uses a combination of blacklists, combined with customizable whitelists to create a solid, reliable filtering system that is updated hourly.

    Your security is enhanced as your web traffic is not re-routed through our servers in any way, ensuring your children's and employee's data is completely secure.

    With a World class features ensuring your child or employee experience the same functionality as Safari, Ranger Pro Safe Browser includes:

    - Pinch & Zoom
    - Copy & Paste
    - Landscape Mode
    - Alternative Search with Google, Wikipedia, Yahoo
    - Multiple Tabs
    - Bookmarks
    - URL Browsing History
    - URL Suggestions
    - Persistent Cookies

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