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    Powered by, Real Recipes gives you the kitchen tools you need to make delicious, easy meals. Get thousands of free recipes that have been rated by other users, your own personal Recipe Box, and customizable food timers and alarms. You also get free access to the Recipe Spinner, which finds the perfect recipe for you in seconds. Plus, you can learn to cook using our step-by-step tutorials.

    All this kitchen savvy comes to you from real, vetted experts - the Food & Drink Guides of

    Whether you're an accomplished chef or you can barely burn toast, the only kitchen tools you really need are a knife, a pan and the Real Recipes app.

    Features include
    + Huge library of tested recipes (including thousands of delicious crock pot recipes)
    Written by our experts and reviewed by our users
    + Free, personalized Recipe Box
    Save your faves, make notes, send to friends, and upload photos of recipes you’ve made
    + Recipe Spinner
    Tell us what's in the fridge, what the occasion is, or what kind of food you're in the mood for, and we'll give you the right recipe. No more "so what's for dinner?"
    + Fully customizable timers & alarms
    Three pots on the stove, a dish in the oven and no memory left? Let our timers remember for you.
    + How-tos, tutorials and more
    A deep catalogue of content from will tell you whatever you need to know about cooking techniques, ingredients and more.

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