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    Choose ingredients and create new recipes

    • Useful idea
    • Substtitutions
    • The design could be improved
    • It lacks some important ingredients

    "Create recipes from the ingredients you've got"

    RecipeMaker is an android application where you can list all the ingredients you have and the app will write a recipe for you, customized depending on your ingredients.

    The idea of this app is pretty original and should be useful for students and busy people, but it doesn't really live up to the expectations. First of all, the design is too simple and should be improved (add images, change font, etc). Secondly, there are plenty of ingredients that aren't included. And lastly, the recipes are not well-known dishes, but simply ways of using those ingredients, which can be useful as well, but it's not quite what we expected.

    However, there's a large list of substituting food in case you run out of some ingredients which can be pretty useful. RecipeMaker was created by lkbk Global Enterprises and should change some things; but in general, it's a very promising application that could be really helpful when having just a few ingredients and little time to spend.

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    Jun 28, 2011


    **** This source code for this app is available to a developer who would like to take it over and improve it. You must continue to offer it for free and not include "in app purchases" ***

    Simply tell RecipeMaker what ingredients you have and it will write a recipe for you. This is not a recipe search; you get a custom recipe right on the spot. Great for students, busy people or those times when you only have a couple of things left in the kitchen.

    Just select from the list of nearly a hundred "staple foods" ingredients and touch the “Make my recipe” button. It’s that simple.

    RecipeMaker features:
    - An extensive substitutions list
    - Personal assistance by e-mail.
    - Use the help menu to give us your feedback and even submit ingredient suggestions.

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