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    If you’re a Schoolie or a Leaver, get the Red Frogs App and make your schoolies 1000% better!

    Connect with the Red Frog Crew to request a walk home, pancakes or a room visit. Find out what events are happening near you. Have access to special deals for Schoolies and get tips to make your Schoolies experience awesome!

    No matter which of the Australian Schoolies location you’re at, connect with the Red Frog crew via the app and get deals and info tailored for where you are.

    Red Frogs offer many services at Schoolies events!

    - Room visits and responding to requests from Schoolies for support.
    - Cooking pancakes for schoolies
    - Schoolies awareness seminars in schools
    - Walk home services
    - A hotline for schoolies and parents
    - Helping clean hotel rooms
    - Offer emotional support during a challenging and vulnerable time
    - Providing positive entertainment, with Red Frog stages and other activities

    Information about Red Frogs Australia
    - We started in 1997 giving suport to Schoolies on the Gold Coast
    - Our main aim is to support school leavers and provide a positive presence within party culture.
    - We attend 17 schoolies and other post-school festivities around the nation.
    - Red Frogs have around 1300 volunteers nationwide and provide over 150,000 volunteer hours to the community.
    - The Red Frog Crew distributed over 7 tonnes of Allens Red Frogs last year.
    - Random Acts of Pancakes meant volunteers cooked 48,000 pancakes for schoolies last year.
    - Over 300 schoolies education and awareness seminars were presented to over 39,000 Australian students.

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