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    The Relations: A Hot Mess app is a preview of the book with the same name written by Gary Pratt.The App highlights a few of the points Pratt makes in the book.

    Although many singles strive to be in that one, lasting relationship, they often overlook a lot of fundamental things during their pursuit. Then, when they find that connection, they do everything they can to sabotage it. Why does this happen? Relations: A Hot Mess, addresses things such as influences and the differences between the way men and women see relationships. Relations: A Hot Mess, is an interesting compilation of a man's thoughts and observations, but not from an exclusively male point of view. At first glance, one would think this book is only about singles getting into relationships, but it skims the surface of the Married, as well as the EXTRA-MARITALS. One prevailing question is: Do men and women really see relationships so differently? Do men understand the difference between intimacy and sex? Are men willing to listen to their woman when she lays out her needs? Does a man genuinely understand what moves a woman? Relations: A Hot Mess puts these things into simple terms for all to follow. A lot of the information we've heard before, but do we adhere to it? Relations: A Hot Mess provides meaning to the things we've been feeling and experiencing in relationships. Relations: A Hot Mess, addresses the needs of women by talking to and advising men on how to treat them, and to be wise. Although men generally don't read books about relationships, Relations: A Hot Mess, taps into the minds of many women who were interviewed for their insight. Guys can use it as a guide to the heart and mind of the woman of their dreams. Whether you are simply trying to understand her, or what gets her to that most fulfilling orgasm, Relations: A Hot Mess, allows you to follow the steps to her pleasure. Does a relationship have to be about trial and error? Can you have a successful relationship, even if you've never seen or had one? Relations: A Hot Mess, attempts to answer some of these questions, while asking another one; are Relations: A Hot Mess? Let's find out together.

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