Relax Completely Now!

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    Relax Completely Now!

    Relax with Hypnosis and Imagery. Release anxiety and stress as you are guided using your natural Breath of Relaxation. Ahhhh. How good it feels to bring back balance into your life. Recharge and enjoy calming restorative sleep now. Why wait?

    This powerful program was created by Shirley Vinock using advanced hypnotic language, metaphors and potent suggestions, and guided imagery techniques all working for you to tap into the rich resources of your own mind. This program also features a flowing hypnotic musical soundscape, brainwave entrainment audio by an expert in the field, Leigh Spusta. All together, this makes for a very effective and enjoyable program for you to effortlessly let go of stress and anxiety.

    One in Four People use sleeping pills on a regular basis to sleep. Sleeping pills interfere with our natural restorative sleep cycles. Why use a pill when you can relax and sleep naturally?

    Shirley Vinock, author, Master certified clinical hypnotherapist, Imagery Guide, Neuro-linguistic Programming Master, Instructor, TV and radio host. Visit

    Hypnotherapists are certified, not licensed by the State of CA as healing arts practitioners.

    Hypnosis / Visualization / Imagery / Relax / Sleep / Food / Weight / Loss / Management / Self / Help / Improvement / Control / Eating / Behavior

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