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    It is a support app to send easily simply go home report emails every day .
    Also available to go home other than reporting , even boilerplate mail transmission application .

    == Notes ==
    · E -mail transmission (@, @, @ , etc.) from the mobile e-mail account is not supported
    • If you want to E -mail transmission to mobile e-mail account from a PC mail account , the release of blocked senders requires a mobile email side is received
    • When you get inquiries about this application from a mobile e-mail , because it will reply from Gmail ( @, I'd like to cancel the reception refusal

    The main function == ==
    Mail sent in two clicks shortest
    → I can be sent in two clicks shortest of " application launch → Send" depending on the setting .
    ※ It is necessary more than two clicks to display the submission confirmation screen by default.

    Fixed form registration function
    → destination , subject, body can be registered by 50 each as boilerplate .
    " A little late " and " a souvenir " , in case return home different from the usual , I can cope as easy as selecting from boilerplate registered .

    • Supports E-mail transmission , sending SMS
    → You can send an SMS if you specify the phone number to the destination .
    ※ It is being evaluated as an SMS E-mail, if it is not included "@" to the destination if included .

    And display / non-display setting of items , placement change
    → By it should be set to a non- display or items that you do not usually use , and used items always in the same content , you can use clean screen space .

    • Multiple addressing
    → You can specify multiple destinations in each To, Cc, of Bcc.
    ※ In the case of sending SMS , you can not specify more than one .

    And notification function Forget Submit
    → Notify when it is not sending an email to be back by the time that you specify.

    - Free transmission account settings ( for advanced users )
    → other Gmail account , you can set , such as Yahoo! Mail or Hotmail, to send any account .
    ※ For the correspondence of mobile email , please see below "Notes " .
    ※ For instructions, see "Setting an example of the outgoing mail server " below .

    == And == for sending emoticons
    Case the carrier of the receiver , by the receiver mail application , may not view correctly plentifully.
    - By changing the "send character code " , there may be times when you send correctly, but please think about bonus emoticons support .

    Configuration Example == == of outgoing mail server
    Account e-mail address:
    Password : xxxxxxxx
    SMTP server :
    Port : 587
    To authenticate : authentication server

    Account e-mail address:
    Password : xxxxxxxx
    SMTP server :
    Port : 587
    To authenticate : authentication server

    Search == ==
    Return home routine simple Simple Mail SMS frog frog

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