No matter how tight you are fastening to the bed, Rotta gotta wake you up again and again.
    Catch Rotta to stop the alarm.
    Of course, it can be an ordinary alarm clock when you turn the function off.
    And you can set “Snooze” function--there’s no need to worry about oversleeping!
    ☆By tapping menu button on home screen-settings
    ・you can change clock type.
    ※analogue clock and digital clock
    ・Select the character to catch
    →select a character to catch and stop the alarm
    ※Rope-jumping Rotta and ordinary Rotta
    ☆You can set more characters to catch
    ・tap-hold alarm button to activate following settings:

    Edit alarm
    Copy alarm
    Cancel alarm
    ☆You can set them separately.
    ・Repetition-everyday, a day in a week, off
    ・Alarm ringing tone. Volume

    ・Alarm in vibration mode
    ・Alarm duration
    ・Change setting in label→don’t perform “alarm”.
    ・catching character→
    ※Set off to use it as an ordinary alarm clock
    ・set snooze time
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