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    Do you want to try some Russian recipes? Here are some delicious Russian recipes. For all those who want to know how to cook Russian dishes will surely love this Russian cookbook. The Traditional Russian food is the combination of fish, mushroom, poultry, honey and berries. The other famous Russian recipe are pancake, vodka, bread, beer, cereals. Our recipe app will really assist you in delicious Russian cooking and they have their own authentic taste. In Russian food recipes there are soups and stews with fish and meat. Russian recipe soups are mainly cold soup, hot soup etc. Cabbage soups are the first course for Russian cuisines. Like soups Russian salads also have important place in Russian recipes. There is wide variety of Russian salad recipes. In Russian salad recipes the important and famous one is Olive which is a mayonnaise-based potato Russian salad. There are Russian salads with all types of ingredients including vegetarian and non vegetarian.
    Russian vodka is the most common drink in Russia. Russian tea Recipes are in different flavors.. White Russian recipes are also very famous there. Most of the main dishes in White Russian recipes include meat. Pelmeni is one of the Russian recipe and it is adapted from Taiga, Urals and Siberia. In Russian recipes fish is very important for Russian orthodox fast days. There are many Russian food recipes that can be added in the group of easy Russian recipes. For fast and easy cooking our recipe app provide you easy Russian recipes. In Russian food recipes fish varieties are preserved by pickling, salting and smoking. Now days all are very much aware about health. All are going for Russian recipes with less calories and healthy. Healthy Russian recipe will be helpful for diabetic patients and also who are taking special diets. There are recipes for kids which will be prepared with less spices and will be made more tastier. There is a famous Russian recipe called Russian eggs. Russian eggs are some what similar to Easter eggs. Russian cuisine is very much inspired by Italian and Spanish cuisines. There are some typical Chinese recipes which will go really good with Russian recipes. Russian salad dressing, Russian tea cake, Russian apple pie are some famous food in Russia. Russian food have very prominent place in world food. Russian food like black Russian cake , Russian marinated salad can be included in Russian cookbook.
    You can also add ingredients to the shopping list and access it online for buy from grocery stores .
    Enjoy Russian cooking with Russian Recipes. :)
    Happy cooking !!!

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    Michael Vocke

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    Dec 25, 2016  |  "Great"

    Russian recipes

    Robyn Greenwood

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    Oct 25, 2016  |  "Awesome"

    Not a lot of Russian food but I love the fact you can save all your recipes on this app and keep them all in one place

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    Dec 29 2014

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    I use this app because it is good!

    Dr.Jitendra Kumar

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    Nov 30, 2014  |  "Awesome"

    Was missing russian food about last 4 years after leaving Russia, but now I can have it. Thanks a lot for such nice app . Спасибо