RYB Lock Screen




    Lock your cell phone with RYB Lock Screen. RYB means Red, Yellow and Blue, and they are the main colors of this app for locked screen.

    Color locker
    Different color for different functions
    Program shortcuts
    Sound and vibration enable

    Using Method Introduction
    In the locked screen there are three kinds of colors, red, yellow and blue. Pull down any of them and you can unlock the cell phone screen. But most of them are not only for unlocking screen.
    The red one is the dialing interface shortcut, pull it down and this app will open dialing interface after unlocking screen.
    As to the blue one, it is for unlocking to the text message box.
    There is no doubt that drag down the yellow one is for unlocking screen only.
    The color will be lighten when you drag the icon in it.
    Enable the sound and vibration will let you have a better using experience about this app.

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