Safe Password Lock Screen




    Lock your phone screen with absolute safety.
    No one could unlock your phone without your permission.
    Don't worry that your private files could be leaked to others.

    Come on to have a try this screen lock.
    I believe you will love it very much.

    The way to unlock the screen is very simple,but you have to input the correct password.
    After you download this screen lock into your phone, you have to go to locker settings first.
    Here you need to enable the screen lock.Only after the screen lock is enabled could it start to work.

    Then,you need to change the password.The default password is empty.
    Click the button to set a new password.

    What's more,you could also enable the vibration and sound to remind you when the phone screen is unlocked.

    OK.Next you could unlock the phone screen with this new locker.
    Please notice that the background of the screen lock is based on your wallpaper.
    So you could change the wallpaper so as to change the locking user interface.

    How to unlock the phone screen?

    There is a screen locker in the middle of the main interface.
    Click the locker icon and it will ask you to enter the correct password.
    Enter the password and press the locker icon to unlock the screen if the password is correct.

    Main Features:

    ---This screen lock is totally free.

    ---It is customized for Android phones and tablets.

    ---Use the phone wallpaper as the background of locking screen.

    ---You could check the current time and date on the unlocking interface.You don't have to unlock the screen to know the information of time.

    ---Password screen lock is safer that traditional screen lock.

    ---With sound and vibration if your phone screen is unlocked.

    Set this screen lock as your lock.
    You will find it security and interesting.

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