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    Safelog is world's most trusted and versatile pilot logbook system - used by student and recreational pilots through senior airline captains and military pilots worldwide. Stay CURRENT, ORGANIZED, and LEGAL! It's a powerful, proven, integrated, and easy to use system in use by tens of thousands of pilots worldwide from Cessna 150s and Robinson R22s through Boeing 787s and Airbus A380s. With its polished user experience, tons of useful features, multi-platform support, and sensible purchase price, Safelog is the choice for the smart, organized pilot.

    The Safelog electronic logbook system is fully compatible with US FAA regulations(including 61.65, Part 91, Part 135, and Part 121 operations) EASA-FCL, UK CAP 407, Transport Canada, CASA Australia and all other known aviation authorities worldwide. Safelog for iPhone and iPad is easy to use, provides you your flight data wherever you want it, and synchronizes seamlessly with all of our other Safelog apps and portals, including Safelog for PC, Mac, iPhone/iPad, and our portal.

    You get get going right now with Safelog at no cost. It's easy to get going, but it's also a very deep system loaded with customization options and features. Safelog can be configured to work and look like nearly all paper logbook systems worldwide - even if you have custom requirements, chances are very good that the fields and analyzers can be set up to help you the way you fly. Additionally, Safelog is the ONLY eLogbook system that provides you with a true logbook view - not a cut down approximation.

    You can get started with Safelog right away for free! Just download it and give it a go. You can even try it on multiple platforms at once to see how various Safelog clients sync with one another to give you your data where and when you need it.

    The Safelog system works out to be LESS EXPENSIVE in total while providing FAR MORE FEATURES than competing apps. A single Safelog subscription, available via in-app purchase from within this app (secure purchase via the Google Play app store), covers you on this and all other Safelog platforms. YES, that's right - buy a subscription within our Android app, and you'll get access to the PC, Mac, iOS, and versions of the logbook system at no additional costs and your data will synchronize between all of them for you! Safelog is by far the most future proof of any logbook system.

    The full list of Safelog features is too long to list here. Here are just a few:

    * Worldwide 70,000+ record airport database
    * Duty and Block time logging for airline pilots
    * Schedule import from major airline systems (see site for details)
    * Polished user experience
    * Expense logging, distance of flight logging
    * Aircraft and contact managers
    * Highly customizable fields
    * Powerful reporting and analysis tools
    * Over 100 high quality PDF reports and logbook printouts
    * Support for totals entered before Safelog
    * Signature Pad + device camera support for signatures and scans
    * SEE ALL YOUR LOGBOOK FLIGHTS and filter them as you'd like to compute values of interest ON YOUR DEVICE.

    Products which compete with us don't even let you see your entire logbook, much less do filtered analysis on it!

    SAFELOG is the ONLY eLogbook product which provides you with a TRUE LOGBOOK VIEW on tablet-type devices, not a cut down approximation! With Safelog, YOUR LOaGBOOK LOOKS LIKE YOUR LOGBOOK!

    Already using another eLogbook? We offer a FREE TRANSITION SERVICE for users of our core products allowing you to get your data our of more expensive and less capable other electronic logbook programs. Thousands of pilots have migrated to Safelog once they see beyond marketing hype and hidden costs and realize that Safelog really does offer far more for far less even compared to "free" logbooks, which inevitably die out as the developer loses interest. We have been providing eLogbook services since 1997!

    Thanks for checking out Safelog!

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    Users comments for Safelog Pilot Logbook

    A Google user

    by A Google user

    Sep 18, 2017  |  "Great"

    Mostly satisfied. Used it for a month and decided to purchase a lifetime subscription, I do not regret that. It's been convenient for entries and data import was fairly simple. What am I not satisfied with? On Android, the app crashes frequently-- usually after I have entered most of the information for a flight. Sometimes it saves the info, sometimes not. I would like a simpler user interface- the "like a real logbook" is a bit of a gimmick, and worse means that I often have to scroll on TWO sets of scrollbars to see all the corners of the logbook. Also, with the redraw it takes a significant amount of time to change between pages. Since this is storing info as a database, I would love the opportunity to use a basic spreadsheet interface to minimize lag and complication. Overall satisfied.

    Tal Reichert

    by Tal Reichert

    Aug 25, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    I've been using Safelog since I started flying in 2003, initially just the PC app and later on the Android app as well. I love the app, it provides everything you'd expect from a logbook, but it is obvious that the people developing it knew what pilots need - various types of currency, filling out 8710 toward a practical test - whatever you need, Safelog got your back. These days I log my flights on Safelog, and my paper logbook is usually way behind on these, every few month I play catchup and write down the missing flights. I wholeheartedly recommend this app.

    Mark Dorsey

    by Mark Dorsey

    Aug 11, 2017  |  "Good"

    Only free for a few flight logs then like $50 a year.

    Clemency Worthington

    by Clemency Worthington

    Jun 01, 2017  |  "OK"

    installed the app. it looked good while setting it up. then when I opened it it crashed. shut it down opened it again and it crashed again. went online and visited the website , I went to my account and it looked fine bit as it started displaying my log book page the screen just went blank. I looked on the web page for an email contact as I want to import my previous log book hours but no email contact. so I think not

    Jordan Barat

    by Jordan Barat

    Apr 14, 2017  |  "Awesome"

    No more paper logbook! Great app which offers great flexibility and options. 5/5 !

    Cody S

    by Cody S

    Feb 26, 2017  |  "OK"

    The app is slow to respond to inputs and is geared toward non professional flying. It is also quite frustrating getting the formating correct to print out your logbook.