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    Privacy is important! And, so is your battery life. SafeT uses a battery-saving algorithm for GPS location.

    Quickly broadcast your location to any of your contacts. Unlike other location-aware apps, your location is private until you decide to send a check-in, message, or help alert. The alert will send an email or SMS (text) message to the contacts you've chosen with a map of your current location. Because your location remains private until you choose to share it; you can use SafeT with anyone, even co-workers, customers, neighbors. Perfect for families that value personal privacy, too.

    The app lets you organize your contacts in "channels" so you can send an alert to many contacts at once. Your contacts do NOT have to join SafeT. If they reply to an email message, you will receive the reply in the SafeT mobile app in addition to all email addresses and mobile numbers you've added to your settings.

    HELP feature: Add contacts to your "In Case of Emergency" (ICE) list accessible from the menu. The ICE list let's choose a Channel as your ICE. When you press the "HELP" button, you have a chance to cancel, a help Alert is sent, sending an email and optional SMS message to the contacts chosen in your ICE list. Their replies will appear in the chat tab of the app.

    HELP mode will let you pick a country, which will display the universal emergency service number, 911, for example. Some countries may have different numbers for Fire, Police, and Ambulance.

    Hospital, Fire, and Police locations nearby with distances, using your current GPS location, are available. Selecting one will show their location in Google Maps and allow you to get directions, etc.

    Pressing "Exit" button will leave the HELP mode and notify your ICE list contacts that you are OK.

    Some example uses:

    Family - Let your family know where you are, or that you are running late. Press Check-In to quickly send a message stating you are OK with a map of your GPS location.

    Friends - Even if they haven't signed up with SafeT, let them know your location and with a message.

    Co-Workers - Running late, or simply want to let people know you arrived? SafeT lets you send a message or a quick Check-In with a map.

    Customers - Landing at an airport? On arrival, send a message to all your customers in the area. They will see the message and a map of your location. If they reply, only you get the reply message. They will probably ask how you sent such a cool message. Lost on your way to a customer site? Send a message via the app, and they have your location.

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