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    SafeT turns your mobile phone into a powerful safety device. Speeds up communication when you need help, but also helps communicate with many people day-to-day. The same thing that makes it great in an emergency also speeds up communication with family, friends, co-workers, even customers!

    When you press the HELP button, all members in you emergency contact list receive an email and SMS message with a map of your location. Then, it gives you the option to dial 911, and other local emergency numbers nearby. The PRO version even works when the data connection fails! SafeT Pro will still try to communicate with our servers via SMS. Other family safety apps fail if you don't have a data connection. SafeT PRO can continue to work even if 911 calls or data connections fail due to a very weak signal!
    Since SafeT does not share your GPS location with others continuously, you can use SafeT with family, as well as friends, co-workers and others. SafeT can have two-way communication with your contacts even if they have not installed the SafeT application.
    SafeT will Sync and store all your contacts from your devices on our servers so that you can send them check-ins, messages, or HELP notifications.

    You can also report emergencies, which SafeT automatically publishes on Twitter. You can report, fire, tornado, earthquake, gun shots, violence, or create a custom report.
    Popular uses are:
    • Family safety – Check-in or send messages to other family members. The check-in will send an email and SMS message from our servers, to make sure they receive it. Redundant communication is helpful, day-to-day, not only during emergencies. Your SMS message and email contain location information from where you sent the message.

    • Notifying co-workers – You can create any custom group, and SafeT already has a Co-worker group. Landing at an airport? Simply click check-in and select Co-workers to notify them of your arrival. Arrived at a client meeting? Check-in and select the customer contact in the system to let them know you arrived. They’ll likely comment how cool the included map looks! To send a message, tap the “Message” button and include a message. They will send the message with a map of your location.

    • University or Company Safety: Get your university/company security team to use SafeT and add them to your emergency contact list. Pressing HELP will send them your location and message. Also, sign up or add a university email address and if you report gun shots or other emergency situations, others with the SafeT app installed using the same university email system will receive your warning! This “lateral communication” is faster than waiting for the university to send out a text alert! Add a description of the gunman, and you could send important information not available to the public.

    • Use with Friends- Since your location is not continuously shared, add all your contacts to the SafeT system, and when you need to message your location or make sure they get the message, use SafeT! They will get an email and SMS with you location and message. Your friends can respond via email even if they don’t have the SafeT app installed. You will get their response inside the Safe Tapp. You don’t have to ask them to install SafeT !

    • You can ask your family, friends, co-workers, team-mates, etc. to quickly check-in so you see that everyone is “OK”. Everyone’s location is private until they check-in so they don’t have to worry about you tracking their location unless they choose to share the information.

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