Salad of the Day Pro

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    Salad of the Day Pro shall bring to you a new healthy salad recipe every day.

    The App contains over 250+ recipes carefully chosen and included to give you a new salad recipe idea every day. These are easy to prepare recipes and includes both Veg and Non-Veg recipes. The App includes recipes from both classic favorites to new ideas.

    Enjoy Features Like:

    => View Random Recipes
    => Add Recipes to Favorites
    => Share Recipes via SMS, EMail & Facebook
    => Set-up Daily Reminders (to get notification of a New Recipe every day)

    The App includes the following Recipes:

    * Adreana's Greek Pasta Salad
    * Antipasto Salad
    * Autumn Jewels Gelatin Salad
    * Bavarian Potato Salad
    * Broccoli Sesame Salad
    * Calico Salad
    * Caesar Salad
    * Chicken Salad Mari
    * Dilled Cucumber Salad
    * Double Raspberry Salad
    * Frozen Pineapple-Almond Salad
    * Golden Glow Salad
    * Harvest Salad with Honey Dressing
    * Hot Spinach and Mushroom Salad
    * Jambalaya Salad
    * Lemon-Cherry Layered Salad
    * Liza Minnelli's Salade de Provence
    * Mos' Nilly Guacamole
    * No-Name-Yet Salad
    * Pasta Salad Primavera
    * Sadie's Shrimp Salad
    * Savory Ratatouille
    * The Islands Rice-Fruit Salad
    * plus Many More!

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    => Complete App Features:

    * Over 250+ Recipes!
    * View Random Recipes!
    * Mark Any Recipe as Favorite!
    * Share via Facebook, Email & SMS!
    * Set-up Reminders for Any Time of the Day!
    * Universal App - Works with Almost all Android Phone & Tabs!
    * Fast Loading Pages - No Internet Connection Required!