Screen Bow Knot Unlocker




    With this app, you will have a bow knot in your cell phone, and it is used to unlock screen. Why not come to check your bow knot locker now!

    Bow knot key
    Drag to unlock screen
    Sound and vibration effects
    Date and time display
    Easy and simple to use
    For android system only

    Specific functions introduction of Screen Bow Knot Unlocker
    About unlock screen
    The bow knot here is a decoration for the locked screen, it is also the key to unlock screen. drag down and the screen is unlocked.
    In the settings of this app, you can adjust some of them according to your using habit.
    This app supports the sound and vibration effects, you can check to open these functions in the settings interface. And then the cell phone will ring and vibrate when you release the lock. Or you can choose to unlock screen with these effects.
    Full screen and status bar, they are the lock screen sizes. You can unlock screen from both of them, while the status bar mode is more functional than full screen, but it is not so beautiful as the full screen mode.
    Shortcut key is the other way to unlock screen by long pressing the search button of the cell phone. It is a good idea to keep this function open in case you have to use your cell phone right now.

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    The shoelace knot is also known as the bow knot, it is a knot that commonly used for tying shoelaces and bow-ties.
    Lock screen is a user interface element used by lots of operating systems, and it regulates immediate access to a device by requiring that the user perform a certain action in order to receive access: such as entering a password.