Screen Locker Quick




    You can not only unlock screen though this app, but also open some given programs from the locked screen.

    Functions Introduction
    1. Unlock screen. Open this app and enable the locker, then you can use this app to unlock screen. Drag the lock icon to the Home image to unlock screen.
    2. Unlock to given programs. You can open the calling interface, message box and camera directly from this app. Just drag the lock to the certain image and then the screen will be unlocked and relevant program will be opened at the same time.
    3. Sound and vibration effects. Open these functions in the setting of this app.
    4. Other functions. In the locked screen from this app, you can see a date and time display on the top of the interface, the day of week is next to it.

    Your Android device needs a lock screen, why not use this free one?

    1. This is a FREE app.
    2. Please give this app some support if you like it. You can contact us though email.

    Touchscreen is an electronic visual display which the use can control through simple or multi-touch gestures by touching screen with one or more fingers.

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