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    This is a screen locker and shortcuts tool here. We can get shortcuts of SMS/call, camera in the locked screen. So unlock the screen and go directly into such applications at the same time.

    1. We can get a different screen locker here, which has 4 hidden shortcuts here.
    2. We can get sound or vibration effects in the process of unlocking the screen.
    3. Such daily information as date, time and day of week could be accessible to us here.
    4. We can have a beautiful background here as our locked screen.
    5. If you want to unlock the screen, you need to press battery icon to drag to any shortcut to unlock the screen.

    1. We can get daily information here to save time and troublesome of unlocking the screen to check.
    2. Such shortcuts as SMS/call, camera and unlock could be accessible to us.
    3. Press battery icon to drag to any shortcut can help to go directly into them.
    4. For example, if you drag to the SMS, we can unlock the screen and get quick access to SMS page.

    Come to download this screen locker and shortcuts tool here. One application can include two functions here. it is simple to lock and easy to use for free for Android users. Come here to try this screen locker. Share with your friends and they will love it. Any problem, email me, please.

    Please, if you don't like this app or find a BUG don't give me one star. Just email me, I will fix it.

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