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    Self Defense Library can show you all Chinese KungFu in detail and you can also experience the fighting with kungfu.
    After playing it, you can get a score according to your skill.
    We call it a self defense library, because you can get all knowledge of Kungfu/Wushu and you can use them to make self defense! You need not search in real library or browse on internet, can you get all information about kungfu move!
    As we all know china has many different kugfu skill. The app classified them into three main aspects: Power, accurate and speed. Of course, as you ahev seen in kungfu film, there are many move related to animal!
    When you play the game in Library app, please hand the phone just like hand a real weapon. It will offer you a score after fighting!

    Let us watch its detail functions:

    1. Protect Yourself classify Chinese Kungfu into three main kinds: power force, speed first and accurate hit. You know that the three kinds almost include all the Chinese Kungfu.
    2. Power Force is the kind that can make you stronger. You must have heard the Iron Head. Iron Head is the one of this kind and if you have interest in it, you can learn it from this app. There is also other force Kungfu, you can learn one by one.
    3. Speed first is the kind which pays attention to make your action faster. It means that if you can attack faster than your enemy, you can get victory. This kind includes shadowless leg and other Kungfu.
    4. Accurate hit focuses on the accurate rate. If you attack many times, but you can’t hit your enemy accurately, it is useless. Therefore, accurate rate is very important. This kind includes the wishful pearl and other Kungfu.
    5. Each kind of Chinese Kungfu has its own features. If you want to learn all the Chinese Kungfu, in a way, it is impossible. I suggest that you can only learn one and work hard.
    6. You may know little thing about the Kungfu you learn, so this app also can tell you the history and story of it. You can find the detailed information in the INSTRUCTION. You will know that the Chinese Kungfu is both extensive and profound.
    7. If you know more about Chinese Kungfu from this app, please give it five stars. I should remind you that this is only a game. You can learn Chinese Kungfu from it, but if you really want to learn well, you had better find a Kungfu teacher. This game can take you happiness.
    8. If you don’t know play this game, you can touch the TUTORIALS to get the information.

    It is one of the most popular app on android market, you can use it to play Chinese kung fu. After the practice, you will become a great fighter on mobile phone! The more stable you handle your mobile, the high score you will get! What are you waiting? Download it now!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
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