Self Meal Guide

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    Self Meal Guide is the perfect pocket cookbook, you can find recipes based on favorite ingredients( mark / check ingredient icons in Grocery Aisle before you click Search Recipes button).

    This version has 195 delicious recipes.
    No commercials. No Advertising!

    - Search recipes by name
    - All recipes list
    - Order by calories option( menu buttons)

    - All recipes organized in chapters, for quick access
    Main Dishes( Beef, Casserole, Chicken, Crock Pot, Lamb, Pork, Turkey, Vegetables)
    Appetizers( Beverages, Breads, Canapes, Cheese, Dips, Finger Foods, Nuts, Salsa)

    - This is the list of favorite recipes
    - Add recipes to it for easy access later on

    - all ingredients contained in the recipes from Meal Plan
    + Uncheck All
    + Delete Checked Items
    + Delete All

    - A grid of ingredient types, for easy access.
    - Baked products, Baking products, Beverages, Bread, Candy, Dairy, Pasta, and more.
    - Click( touch) ingredients to include them in search , before pressing the Search Recipes button.
    - Long click on ingredients for details.

    - includes a list of previously checked ingredients( you can exclude ingredients from the current search)
    - includes a list of matched recipes, with details( matched percentage, count of matched ingredients in recipe, and more)

    - If you click on a recipe from the list of matched recipes you can view recipes details.
    - Ingredients and recipes photos.
    - Add to Meal Plan option ( with meal time: breakfast, lunch, dinner and more).
    - Previously checked ingredients appear with green background.
    - Click on ingredient for details( includes ingredient nutrition facts, measure description, weight, add ingredient to Grocery List and more).

    - Same as SELECTED RECIPE RESULT, without the matching details.
    - Photos of recipe and ingredients.
    - Add to Meal Plan option ( with meal time: breakfast, lunch, dinner and more).
    - Ingredients with quantities list.
    - Click on ingredient for details.
    - Instructions.
    - Comments.
    - Recipe nutrition.

    Application Features:
    - It is a project that is constantly evolving.
    - Complete recipes directions, ingredients and reviews.
    - Cookbook is organized by chapters for easy access.
    - Save your shopping list to help you later when doing grocery shopping.
    - Have a more healthy food menu.
    - Impress friends and family with great meals.Find food that fits their diet.
    - Have fun impressing your friends!
    - Calories and nutritional information are available for most recipes.
    - Find just what you’re looking for with advanced search capabilities.
    - Take recipes in the kitchen, to the store, on vacation - no cookbooks or recipe cards!
    - Order recipes by dietary constraint.
    - Exclude multiple ingredients when searching.
    - Save and re-use menus for one or more meals.
    - Save time and money planning for everyday meals and special occasions.
    - Bring your grocery list along to the store and check off items while shopping.
    - The recipes include nutritional information on calories, protein, carbs, fat, saturated fat, fibre, sugar and more.
    - It has tons of recipe categories including main dishes, appetizers, drinks, side dishes, desserts, soups, stews and more.
    - there are more cookbooks coming up;

    Self Meal Guide brings you the best-of-the-best recipes, secrets and tips with photos of every recipe and every ingredient. This allows you to easily select and check ingredients for recipes search.

    It includes Grocery Aisle feature which lets you to find out the matching recipes with the ingredients in hand, fridge,
    or just your favorite ingredients. This feature has advanced matching capabilities which generates accurate search results that are grouped in a fancy manner :)

    Download it now and enjoy our delicious recipes!
    Your feedback is very much appreciated, so please don't hesitate to contact us!

    Thank You!