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    Shopping List

    This free application is a shopping list tool to remind you of all shopping things in your shopping. You can get access to a full functional and simple designed application here for free with Android devices. You can enjoy your shopping time without missing anything anymore. Just let Shopping List help you out of messy life here.


    You can get access to 4 parts here to help you manage your shopping list.

    You can install this application in mobile phone or tablet as you wish.

    This application presents you a beautiful background and unique design for free.

    You can also use this tool to remind you anything in your daily life, such as good ideas in your mind, your friends’ birthday and your next schedule.

    Have you ever found that you couldn’t think of what to buy in the supermarket? Or did you go to market again to buy something you forget to buy a moment ago? You should need a shopping list to help you out of these problems. You can record your shopping things in a list with your Android device. Then you can have a glimpse at your shopping list in the process of shopping.


    1. Why does this application exist?

    People are busy at work and study in daily life, which may lead to their absent-mindedness. We should a convenient and simple reminder to give us a help.

    Also some older men may become easy-forgotten because of their age. They need this reminder tool to help them to do better.

    2. How does this application help us?

    There are 4 parts in this application for you to record a shopping list. You can go to “new note” to write your shopping list. You can also give this note a title as you wish. When you finish writing, you should press menu key to save or cancel it. In this way, you can get a list in this simple way. When you go shopping, just let this application help your shopping. Go to part 1 to have a check your purchases things with that shopping list. Actually, you can also build a new folder or a new note by press the menu key in part 1. If you need, you can get access to them for free.

    3. What preferences this application has?

    In part 3, you can get access to 2 preferences for your shopping list tool. You can specify the sort mode and direction of notes and category. You can sort mode from name, modification date and creation date as you wish. Also you can sort direction by ascending or descending.

    4. Why this application is popular now?

    This application can offer you 4 buttons to have a new experience and help your daily life. Setting button can delay to 1 minute before the screen automatically turns off. You can use this tool without worrying about the dark. About button can give you more free applications here and you can have a try. You will love it. If you love this application, you can give us 5 stars in supply button. If you have any problem, you can contact us by email.

    This free application is a shopping list tool for you to manage your life. You can get a help from the reminder for free. Download this application Shopping List now!

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