Shortcuts Module Unlocker




    Are you tired of your default screen lock in your phone?
    How about something new?

    This application Shortcuts Module Unlocker is here to provide you a totally new way of locking and unlocking your phone screen!
    As long as you have a try,you will fall in love with this phone screen.

    Some people who care about the charging standard, will ask how much is your application.
    If you are a regular to use our application,you will know all of our application is offered to user for free.
    Free is one of our advantages in the market.

    And more people will wonder its usage.
    This application is used to lock and unlock your phone screen,
    Of course,you could also use it to replace your default screen lock.

    Detailed Usage Explanation:
    1.Go to Locker settings first and here it provides your some settings,including:
    Enable the screen unlocker.
    Enable the ringtone and vibration effect.
    Select the full screen.
    Select to expand the status bar.
    Enable the shortcut key.

    2.On the unlocking interface,you need to unlock the screen.There are several ways to unlock.
    Click any one of the four shortcuts,a dynamic direction arrow will come up.
    It will tell you where you should slide the shortcut to unlock.
    Another way is to use the shortcut key. Long press the SEARCH button to unlock screen quickly.

    Main Features:

    1.Time and date information is displayed on the unlocking interface.

    2.Use different shortcuts to unlock and go to different application.

    3.It has very beautiful scenery image as the unlocking background.

    4.It provides sound and vibration effect while unlocking.

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    Feel free to contact us if you have any bug or advice!