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    The word ‘Sikh’ is derived from the word sisya meaning disciple or follower. Sikhism is a religion of ten Gurus, the first Guru being Guru Nanak and the tenth and the last being Guru Gobind Singh. The sacred book of Sikhism is Sri Guru Granth also called Adi Granth Sahib. Every Sikh is supposed to keep the following five ‘K’s, which also serve to identify him as a Sikh:
    Kesh – uncut hair.
    Kanga – comb; used to keep the hair clean.
    Kada – metal or steel bangle; for strength and self-restraint.
    Kirpan – dagger; for self-defence.
    Kaccha – special knee length underwear or under-drawer for agility.
    This application provides comprehensive list of around 250+ terms related to Sikh religion and it’s meaning, which will help you to understand the Sikh religion in better way.


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