Just like veteran fashion institutions in fashion capitals, the Silise boutique chain, which has been importing exclusively for 25 years, brings fashion creations of highly regarded and special European designers

    The Silise boutique chain presents personal designs of European fashion designers: clothes, footwear, handbags, jewelry and accessories such as scarves and hats. Each and every item is personally and exclusively selected by the chain's owners, Sima and Yael Vadash (mother and daughter). The items are picked for their quality, discerning fashion and elegant and intelligent feminine statement.

    Since the beginning, the place is run on the model of "wide range, small quantities', aimed at maintaining the uniqueness of each item and the woman that wears them. This approach, together with the personal and professional sales style, has led to a community of loyal clients, women who appreciate quality fashion, want to express themselves as women in an assured, yet clever way that enables them to stand out intelligently.

    Silise's first boutique was set up in Raanana in 1985, the first hint of European fashion in the town that had worn local brands. The store has become a three story establishment that includes an outlet and more branches have sprung up in Ramat Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Jerusalem and Kikar Hamedina.

    In 2005, Sima's daughters, Yael Vadash Avishar and Sharon Vadash Efraim, joined her. Yael is a graduate of engineering, management and economics in New York. Together, they are expanding the business incessantly, discovering and importing individual and new designs from European fashion houses and designers such as: Manila Grace, Liviana Conti, Holiday Inn, Bella Jones, Rosso35, Sara Roka and more. Silise nurtures a loyal community of women who love fashion and who find its unique blend of lines appealing. Silise

    takes care to bring new and interesting wares to clients every season.

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