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    Sleep by Giovanni Lordi

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    Put simply, this recording is almost impossible to stay awake to while listening! Perfect for insomniacs & light sleepers.

    Giovanni's soothing hypnotic voice, binaural beats, relaxing music and rainforest sounds to help you drift away. The recording is guided by voice for the first 45 minutes, and then concludes for 20 minutes with only background music, as the binaurals progress down into the Delta realm. It can be used to promote an overwhelming sense of relaxation to induce sleep, and to also reprogram bad sleeping patterns into good ones for the future.

    Progression of the Hypnosis Session

    * Relaxing induction ñ designed to relax you and begin the hypnotic transition
    * Confusion technique - this is a hypnotic method of distracting the conscious mind, the part of the mind that over thinks, stresses and often stops you from sleeping. By distracting the conscious mind, you can switch off all these thoughts, and start lowering yourself into sleep/trance.
    * Suggestions/metaphors ñ by now you should be asleep, and this is OK, as your subconscious is still receptive. In this part of the recording the new patterns and techniques are introduced to you on a subconscious level to help instigate permanent change for better sleeping patterns.
    * Deepener ñ to take you into the depths of high REM sleep, which is known as Delta brainwaves. This is the final guided instructions spoken.
    * Quiet space ñ for the last 20 minutes of this recording there is no speaking, as you are left with the binaural beats, relaxing music and rainforest sounds to keep you in the depths of a satisfying slumber.

    Unlike most of the other hypnosis MP3s, there is no 'Wake Up' on this session. The 'wake up' is the spoken part at the end which usually instructs you to wake up and finish the session if you need to, or to remain asleep if you don't. There is no 'wake up' so you can continue to sleep. For this reason ñ this recording is best used just before and whilst you sleep.

    Techniques & suggestions:

    * How to change the focus of your mind when you sleep
    * How to directly identify and fix the cause of what keeps you awake
    * How to stop over thinking and turn off 'mind chatter'
    * How to distract your conscious mind to 'switch it off'
    * How to remove stress and promote tranquility within the mind
    * Direct subconscious suggestion to remain asleep until you need to wake up

    This is MP3 is ideal for:

    * People who have trouble getting to sleep
    * People who have trouble staying asleep ñ i.e. waking up during the night
    * People who do shift work ñ it will help sleep more easily when you need to
    * People who have insomnia

    Binaural Beats for Sleeping

    In the background you will hear a feint pulsating sound. These are the binaural beats, and are there to strengthen the hypnotic effect. On this MP3, the binaurals begin at 5Hz which is a mid theta level, and progress all the way down to 2Hz Delta, which is the state of the brain whilst in a deep sleep. This will lead your mind effortlessly into the sleep realm.

    Audio Details

    Background Sounds: Binaural beats, bells, trance tones, birds, rainforest sounds
    Trance level: 6Hz Theta to 3Hz Delta
    Subliminals: "Sleep peacefully, un-worry, calm, relaxed, tranquility, sleep, I can, I will, bed comfortable, eyes closed, body relaxed, deep sleep, drift down & down, completely relaxed, sleepy, peaceful sleep, sleep all night, peacefully, deep, I can, I will, I do."

    About the Author:

    Giovanni is an experienced hypnotherapist, author & counselor. He is the author of an extensive range of self hypnosis recordings, and uses hypnosis to succesfully treat almost any kind of issue imaginable. He has personally helped many people since 2003 when he first started practicing hypnotherapy, including world champion kick-boxers, CEO's, and international rugby league stars. Giovanni has a unique method of helping people, where he primarily uses clinical hypnposis, but also integrates his experience with other forms of healing modalities.