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    This app has an extensive Hypnosis Mini Store, which offers over 75 hypnosis sessions!

    All of the sessions available on this app include Theta Wave Technology and/or Binaural Beats and Subliminal Technology. Please use HEADPHONES for best results.

    The Hypnosis Mini Store offers these exciting titles: By Kym Tolson, NBCCH
    Anger Management
    Alcohol Abuse
    Arachnophobia Cure
    Concentration (Attention Deficit Disorder)
    Breathing Meditation
    Body Image Improvement
    Contacting Your Spirit Guide
    Deep Relaxation and Stress Management
    Ending Codependency
    Enhance Self-esteem
    Exercise More
    Fear of Flying
    Forgetting About Your Ex
    Fibromyalgia Pain
    Get Organized
    Golf Performance
    Happiness Affirmations
    Heal Depression
    Healthy Eating
    Hypnosis for Diabetics - Stop Eating Carbs
    Inspire Creativity
    Past Life Regression
    Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
    Public Speaking Hypnosis
    Physical Health Affirmations
    End Procrastination
    Sales Success
    Social Phobia Cure
    Test Taking Anxiety
    Self Confidence Affirmations
    Stop Nail Biting
    Stop Shopping
    Stop Smoking
    Study Effectively
    Sunlight Meditation
    Transform Your Life
    Weight Loss

    Also including Affirmations sessions created by Hani Al Kasem.
    Heart Warming Smile
    Building Your Confidence
    You Deserve Happiness and Joy
    Feel So Good
    Fantastic Success
    Excellent Speed Reading
    Motivate Others
    Handle Criticism Easily
    Improve Creativity
    Boost Motivation Hypnosis
    Interested in Other People
    Overcoming Challenges In Life
    Healing & Inner Peace
    Develop An Amazing Memory
    Building Rapport With Ease
    Stop Smoking
    Learn To Love Yourself
    Releasing Your Past
    Accepting Your Physical Self
    Outstanding Success
    Be Decisive

    IMPORTANT: Do not drive or operate any equipment or machinery while listening to any of our subliminal binaural beats audios. If you are uncertain about any pre-existing medical condition, consult your Doctor before listening to any of these audios. If you are female, please do not use these audios while breastfeeding or pregnant, unless instructed by your physician.
    People with a history of strokes, seizures or heart problems should consult a Doctor before using any of these binaural beats audios.
    The technology contained in these audios is very powerful and may initially cause some emotional discomfort, anxiety or tingly feeling in the head. These feelings of discomfort usually disappear quickly. If they persist, immediately discontinue use of the subliminal binaural beats audios.

    These audios are not sold, nor promoted, to cure or treat any illness or disease, and you represent that you are not purchasing these audios for such use. The author is not a medical doctor but a Board Certified hypnotherapist in the state of Virginia in the United States. This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Virginia and any cause of action instituted hereunder shall be brought in Chesterfield County, Virginia.
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