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    Smart Yards is designed to be the ultimate pocket guide for all your yard work. The app will help you face yard work troubles with ease and turn your average yard into a smart yard.

    Lawns- The lawns section offers detailed information and helpful tips from an agricultural Extension specialist. Current grasses include: Bermuda, Centipede, Zoysia, St. Augustine and Fescue. Each grass includes photos along with general information, mowing and maintenance, fertilization, weeds, and insects.

    Pruning- For many homeowners, pruning can be difficult. The pruning section provides you with all the information you need to prune in confidence. The section is broken into two parts: Trees and Shrubs.

    - Trees: gives detailed information of tree pruning along with diagrams to help you make the right cuts.

    - Shrubs: provides detailed information on the different types of pruning associated with shrubs, including the May Rule and thinning.

    Water- With help from an environmental water quality expert, this section gives you all the knowledge you need to start doing your part in saving the planet. The section has three main parts: Rain Gardens, Rain Barrels, and Water Quality.

    - Rain Garden: supplies photos and general information of the garden along with detailed information on how to plan, prepare, and install your own rain garden.

    - Rain Barrel: describes what a rain barrel is and how to install one. Start saving water by following the steps in this section.

    - Water Quality: includes topics every homeowner should know. This section will help you understand and address such topics as non-point source pollutants and impervious surfaces.

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