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    Smoothies are f.a.b.u.l.o.u.s. Fullstop. Healthy eating has never been tastier and easier!

    Have you ever told yourself ‘That’s it! Starting Monday I’ll eat right.’? How about starting this moment?

    And all you need is some delicious smoothie recipes and a blender. You’ve got absolutely no excuse! Now, put that bag of salty, oily potato chips away and plug in your blender!

    There we go; you’ve just made an enormous step for your health! Healthy nutrition is not rocket science and with juts a bit of ambition, anyone –from 9 year old kids to 99 year old grandmothers- can do it. Starting on Monday will never happen, and you know it. Neither ‘starting after the holidays’ will. Soon enough you’ll see how your body will beg you to start NOW. Listen to it!

    ‘ great detox smoothies’ – Barbara V.

    This app is your key to healthy snacks! Seriously, cheeseburgers and cookie will lead you nowhere: if you will not become overweight, then there’s a high possibility you’ll sooner or later compromise your health…

    With this app, every shake is a new step towards healthy living and wellness! Fruits and veggies have an AMAZING power against diseases, old age and lack of energy. They are natural drugs given to us by Nature. They are the gift of youth and beauty!

    If you’re like everybody else, you’ve probably made a long list of excuses to not eat right. You don’t have time, you don’t have money, healthy eating sucks because it’s tasteless, so on and so forth. And I can break down every single excuse with one word only: smoothies. They are ready in a matter of minutes and even a 3 old could make them, they don’t cost much (fruits available in the season, veggies and a non-expensive smoothie maker) and they are simply delicious. And if you’re still finding excuses, please make yourself a favor, get up and try one of the smoothie recipes presented in this app. I guarantee you’ll LOVE them.

    Even when you are in a long-term, committed relationship with nutrition, you healthy eating plan fails at times.

    Your schedule is busy, you lack recipe ideas, and you consider yourself a bad cook. And I can bring one solution to your problems: learning how to make smoothies- the healthy and incredibly fun to make smoothies. They are not only great drinks: they are desert recipes and breakfast recipes at the same time. Jackpot! They take 5 minutes to make and they are real 100% natural. And you don’t have to be a master chef to make the, come on! See? A healthy diet IS possible if you want it hard enough!

    If you want to learn how to lose weight fast but still maintain your health, we have good news for you: fruits and veggies are your allies. And when they are blended into a tasty drink, they’re even better! Pounds will come off you as if through magic! Nothing compares to a healthy, balanced diet! And here’s a fact: none of the fad diets out there will make you lose belly fat (or any fat at all, for that matter). The best way to lose weight is healthy eating and exercising. Sorry, there’s no magic diet pill and no ‘lose 10 pounds in a day’ thing! And remember that EVEN IF you lose that much weight in that small amount of time, you’ll gain them back in the blink of an eye (and with a bit of luck, you’ll weigh more than when you started)- they call it the ‘yo-yo effect’.

    Five meals / day is the ideal diet (three main courses and 2 snacks, all distributed according to the food pyramid).

    Just think of it: out of these 5 meals, 3 can be smoothies (breakfast and snacks). And if you add some fiber and some protein (dairy, for example), it can become a fast and healthy lunch. And if you add some fiber and some protein (dairy, for example), it can become a fast and healthy lunch. Yes, eating right is not hard at all…

    Download today and find out the most delicious healthy smoothie recipes out there! Download and become the Master of ALL the Smoothies!

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