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    Do you fear losing your device?
    Secure your device before it is stolen.

    Smriti can prevent your phone from being stolen by any thief.
    Smriti may also be used to surprise your family and friends, who like to spy when you’re not around the phone. An alarm is triggered when the phone is moved or the charger is disconnected
    Smriti may be used to prevent your kids from accessing your phone without your consent.
    Smriti protects your device from thief.
    How to use:
    Activate the security whenever you are leaving your device, if the device is moved without deactivating then the siren will be triggered.
    Alarm can even be activated for charging, if the charge is disconnected without deactivating the siren will be triggered.

    Features: * A window is displayed to the user when charger is connected and by just one touch you can activate alarm
    * Phone movement detection
    * Charger unplugged detection
    * Password and Pattern Protection
    * Password recovery through email-id
    * Smriti can be made as admin app so that other cant force stop or clear data and even cant uninstall.
    * Select alarm sound of your choice
    * Set Volume

    Are you worried that someone will access your phone and steal precious information from it?
    Smriti wil help you :)

    Are you concerned about someone spying?
    Smriti wil help you :)

    -----------------This app is dedicated to my friends.-------------------------

    Thanks Ankit for graphics support

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