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    To use this app, you’ll need an appropriate alarm system from Snoos .
    Please check out for more information.

    General description:
    Snoos Alarm is a monitored alarm system, designed for private houses, apartments, small offices and retail shops. It offers protection against

    * Burglary
    * Fire
    * Smoke
    * Flooding
    * Power interruption
    * Personal threat (Panic)
    * Internet disruption

    Snoos Alarm is online connected to Snoos Digital Alarm Central [SDAC] via the internet. If something happens, Snoos will notify you or your related within seconds.
    This App is the control interface to SDAC and your Snoos alarm system. It is online connected to your alarm system at home via mobile internet or your WiFi.

    App features:
    * Instant PUSH and email notification. Burglary; which sensor was triggered.
    * Latch; who armed/disarmed the system
    * Tamper; which sensor was tampered
    * Backup battery Low
    * Internet interrupted
    * Power interrupted
    * See Alarm mode. See if the system is armed, disarmed or in Home arm
    * Set entry delay. Gives you 0-59 seconds to leave the house after activation of the
    * Set exit delay. Gives you 0-59 seconds to disarm the system after you enter the
    * Change system mode. Set the system mode to ‘Arm’; ‘Disarm’ or ‘Arm in home mode’
    * Add Device. Add accessories
    * Delete Device.
    * Edit Device. Give the device a name or location
    * Build in Siren

    Hardware accessories:
    Connect more than 250 devices.

    Hardware accessories:
    * Snoos Alarm Base (Homebox)
    * Monitored door/Window magnet contact
    * Monitored infrared motion detector [PIR]
    * Remote control
    * Wireless touch keypad
    * Combined smoke detector and siren
    * Combined heat detector and Siren
    * Combined flood detector and Siren
    * Radio signal extender
    * External outdoor siren
    * Surveillance security camera – 3 types

    Checkout for latest accessories and features

    Free to use – from anywhere
    The App is free to install and use. It can be used all over the world with mobile internet and
    access to Googles services. The App offers enhanced security features, subject to payment in some areas. (Not listed in this description). Please check the app or contact us for information about availability in your region.

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