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    During the case of an emergency when immediate help is required, you have absolutely no time to find a contact in your phone, dial each digit quickly and correctly, specify your location, and explain that you are in a crisis. With this SOS call app, simply push the HELP button and instantly, your selected family, friends and coworkers will be notified immediate with the option of dialling to them or police and not wasting any extra time.

    ✓ Immediately send emergency emails and SMS to selected contacts,
    ✓ Automatically locate and attach your current location to your emergency messages,
    ✓ Place a call to local emergency phone number (i.e. 911) or your selected contacts.

    You could customize it with some of the provided features:
    ✓ Add, enable, and disable emergency contacts, categorized by family, coworkers, and friends. Once they are enabled, they will be notified during any case of emergency
    ✓ Change the emergency content that gets sent to your contacts
    ✓ Adjust your local emergency number for calling the police (i.e. 911, 112, 110, 999, etc)
    ✓ Test all of your modifications by selecting the “Testing” option. A mock emergency message will be sent to your contacts. The call button to the police will be disabled in testing.

    Instructions of setting up (also described in FAQs):
    1. Add your emergency contacts
    Choose family, friends and coworker straight from your phone list or enter them separately by selecting “Add Emergency Contacts” under “Settings”. After the addition of a contact, you can choose the “Enable” option so that the contact will be an official contact and notifications will be sent whenever the emergency button is pushed.
    2. Configure your settings
    Choose what pushing the emergency button should do by going to “Options”. The default includes sending emails and SMS, with your current location attached, to your emergency contacts. You can also modify your local emergency number, which is 911 by default.
    3. Test your settings
    Send a mock message with your default or modified settings by going to “Testing”. Pressing the emergency button in “Testing” will send test messages to your contacts. The call button to the local emergency number will be disabled in “Testing”
    4. SOScall is ready to use!
    No more selecting contacts one by one, this SOS call application will send messages describing you need help and where you are, and can also place a call to the police (and or your selected contacts). Whenever you are in danger, you can now do all the above by pushing just one button!

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