Sound of flow toilets




    Sound of flow toilets
    Running water sound generation capabilities ·

    How ~~~~~~~~~~~~
    This brings up the full screen images of waterfalls and launch apps

    Follow the message at the top of the screen, please touch the screen.
    Sound flows through the toilet water.
    By touching the screen again, silence.


    Sound use of the equipment off the toilet to conserve power
    Such as public toilets and portable toilets will be turned off the sound
    Can not we create a hard to listen to the story.

    No sound device off, or not use public toilets and
    Please use such as portable toilets.
    No sound device is off, if not use in water-shed
    Rather, by sound of flowing water artificially in this application
    We also help save water!

    To save power, it seems many people have difficulty If not served until now unusable.
    Shimasuta consider the application development available to those who like such.

    [Be added]
    • Sound kind of additional

    I will continue to steadily upgraded,
    Request to the application, please review your comments.

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