Spanish Head Start 1




    Welcome to Spanish Headstart Module 1 Unit 1.

    Our unique get a headstart in speaking Spanish app consists of two parts.

    The first is an audio chapter from the Spanish Headstart course book and secondly an audio vocabulary dialogue based on that chapter.

    The audio dialogue can be set to playback at specific times you choose and therefore become ingrained into your subconscious.

    Together they provide an exciting and unique way to absorb and internalize the basics of a new language.

    First listen to the Spanish Headstart Audio Unit, then imbed the sounds, words and vocabulary used in that unit by simply selecting/deselecting the hourly times when you wish to have the dialogue broadcast to you.

    Listening awake, relaxed or even asleep you will find that the strange sounds, words and dialogue soon become familiar and your progression with the language moves forward in leaps and bounds.

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