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    Speech Web Browser is a fast speech-enabled web browser controlled entirely by your voice that also reads out the websites to you; you speak the commands (e.g. "google star wars") and it reads back the results back to you. You can load pages, follow links, search Wikipedia, Google, Bing and Yahoo, move through your history and search pages for text, follow links, all by speaking into the phone. You can listen to the web page being read out while you do something else, e.g. the ironing. If you;re in a hurry you can also increase the speed of the readout.

    This speech-enabled web browser has all the usual functions of any web browser (e.g. Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome or Opera), like going to a website, going forwards/backwards through history, search for text on the current page. It also has other features, such as adjusting the speed of the playback. Everything is controlled by talking making it incredibly easy to use. It is also faster than a normal browser as it doesn't get slowed down by big images or adverts.

    It also has the equivalent of a quicksearch bar, where you can say 'wikipedia apple' and it will go straight to the Wikipedia page, or 'google android' and it will tell you the search results.

    There are 3 english voices available: American, British and Canadian, eh.

    * If you like this app, please leave a rating! If you have any problems, queries or suggestions, please email me at *

    If you have any problems, queries or suggestions, please email me at I promise to reply to all emails.

    The web browser accepts the following voice commands:-
    "help, commands, load, repeat, pause, resume, restart, follow, goto, back, forwards, faster, slower, normal, cancel, clear history, wikipedia, google, bing, ask, yahoo"


    Tags: browser that has swipping for forwards and backwards , browser speech or tts , speech browser

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