Spiritual Healing - Shamanic Energy Meditation

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    ***Please note: This app has recently been updated to include access to additional hypnotherapy sessions and fix any issues.***

    This Spiritual Healing Meditation by Glenn Harrold will help you to heal energetic imprints and clear karma and energy blocks. Glenn is one of the world's most successful hypnotherapists and this recording was inspired by the intense ceremony work he undertook over a four month period at a Shamanic healing retreat in Panama.

    Each and every one of us has an invisible energy field that surrounds us and which is alive with information. Trained visionaries, psychics and Shaman can see this subtle energy field which holds lots of information about you, both from this lifetime and your past lifetimes.

    Within this energetic field there can be blockages and imprints that hold you back and prevent you from reaching your potential. Repetitive behavioural patterns that you find it hard to shake are often caused by karmic blocks in your energy fields. By absorbing the hypnotic suggestions on this recording you will be able to heal your energetic body of imprints from the past, and clear karmic patterns that have been with you for lifetimes.

    When you heal yourself spiritually it will naturally follow that you will heal yourself physically and emotionally. The author recommends that you continue to use this recording as often as you can as the healing process can have many layers and life will continue to throw up challenges and issues for you to deal with. However, as you progress and more things clear in your energy fields, you will feel much lighter, and you will begin to regain your true nature and the essence of who you are.

    This Spiritual Healing Meditation can help you heal your mind, body and spirit of energetic blocks, raise your vibration and become so much lighter and clearer.

    • Spiritual Healing (awake) 38:48 mins
    • Spiritual Healing (sleep) 41:27 mins
    • Access to over 70 hypnosis & meditation session by Glenn Harrold

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