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    Let’s face it, it ought to be the first place to look for signs of a cheating girlfriend, because it is probably the most used form of communication and she also thinks that it is private, especially if she can immediately delete any suspicious text messages from her secret lover. Another thing, of course that is getting more and more popular is what is known as sexting, i.e. the sending of sexy, sometimes naked photos to each other.

    You’ve obviously been thinking “How can I read my girlfriend’s text messages” because you’ve arrived here. So let me answer the question in the most succinct way possible. I know this thing is eating you up – there’s nothing like suspecting you’re girlfriend is out there doing stuff with another man to get you feeling angry, sad and actually a bit bruised. “Why am I not good enough for her?” is another common feeling, but the worst thing is simply the knowledge that she either wants another man – or is simply too immature to settle into a serious relationship.

    Will spying on your girlfriend's text messages lead you to discover this? It’s hard to fathom a girlfriend’s motives when she decides to cheat, but just let me tell you that all is not necessarily lost. Your suspicions may have a totally innocent explanation that you’ve yet to be made aware of. Of course, the thing you need most to do is simply find out for sure whether she’s cheating on you. At least then, you’ll know one way or another, and you can get on with taking control of the situation and take steps to remedy things or end them as you wish.

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