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    "I know the tricks of the LINE?"
    "There is no way to prolong battery life of smartphone?"

    Now I hear that you want to listen to anything!
    Bulletin board is an open question and apps smartphone for a limited period of time in Android!
    It is recommended to install early!
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    "How to increase Twitter followers that I want to know!"
    "Is it all right or security I Facebook?"
    "~ Teach strategies of Pazudora!"
    "I want more friends to replace the ID of the game and SNS!"

    If you are using an app from daily, come out more and more questions and requests.
    To solve it all is "What questions Square app!"

    Some people do not know how to use a smartphone and apps,
    Some people want more mastery Sumaho,
    Some people want to use the app more enjoyable,

    I think the question comes to mind,
    Let's throw in the square around fast app question!

    I also listen to good use,
    I also hear good tricks, games and apps cheats,
    Also increase your friends to replace the ID of the game and SNS, ♪ good and of course

    If you throw a question in the square, a fellow you are using the same app you should be able to respond to you surely ☆

    More! !
    In addition to the features questions
    And "small story of Android" column completely updated daily recording of popular "Today's Featured Free App!"
    I'm supposed to enhance what you have enjoyed a lot of people who do not want to hear it ☆
    ♪ they may have found a small story behind the app-tricks did not know until now

    Smartphone and apps that are Leave it to "square question Apps" everything from today!
    ※ Recommended installation for the time being I'm in time!

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    The main function ◇ Square app question (completely free) ◇
    Questions and
    New display and a list of frequently asked questions
    - Frequently Asked Questions
    Search and question
    My page
    Introduction of small neta Android (updated daily)
    · Introduction of Recommended Apps (updated daily)

    ◇ ◇ ※ Song category is being added at any time now!
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    · Q & A on Facebook
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    · Q & A of other apps
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